Funeral Insurance is the best method to cover Final expenses, which can add up to thousands of dollars. Don’t let death add a financial burden or mental stress to your loved ones. Each funeral must be arranged and paid for. Don’t leave this undone! The funeral insurance program will reduce the financial burden and stress for your family.

Each funeral must be arranged and paid for; why leave it to loved ones? Allow us to prepare a prepaid Funeral Insurance plan for you, that will remove the stress and burden for your family.

Funeral Insurance Program

    Personal Profile:

  • record all your wants and wishes
  • Simple Will:

  • create last will and testament
  • Funeral Insurance Policy:

  • provides money to cover the cost
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Request a Free Brochure on the Funeral Insurance Program, or contact your Premium Financial agent for a free consultation. Benefits can be paid to any local funeral home or to your family.

Peace of mind comes into play when you know you have done what is necessary to protect your family. In addition, we service the provinces of Prince Edward Island (PEI), New Brunswick (NB) and Nova Scotia (NS).



Burial and funeral service, including cremation: $14,666

  • Casket or urn
  • Viewing casket or urn
  • Funeral Director Fees and Services (such as Funeral Director’s professional services, support staff services, registration and documentation, embalmer’s professional services, use of the funeral home)
  • Cremation Fees
  • Limousine and hearse rental
  • Church rental, or other rental facility and equipment, including seating attendants
  • Interment
  • A niche in a columbarium (including perpetual care of the niche)
  • Scattering of ashes
  • Bulletins, obituaries, and other death notices
  • A clergy member, including costs of considerations related to religious groups that may not make up the majority of serving members
  • An organist or other musician
  • Flowers, photos, register books, a memorial video/CD/DVD, or other mementos
  • Reception and catering