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    Friends living out of Province. Upon death please notify the following persons,

    Legal Property (List location of documents)

    ***NOTE: Personal information such as S.I.N., Banking, Charge Cards, Safety Deposit Box, and Insurance with gray boxes that can't be filled, will be filled by pen once you received the printed copy of your profile

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    Wake or Viewing

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    Ashes to be


    Celebration of Life

    Special mesasge to:

    Dear Loved Ones,

    It is my intention to make my passing as comfortable as possible. I hope this information will help to avoid confusion, extra expense, doubt, worry, etc… etc…

    Please accept my wishes in the spirit in which they are given, with love and a sincere desire that they spare you needless concern and grief.

    I am aware this is not legally binding, but only my recorded wishes.

    Additional Comments:

    Death certificate, burial permit, and vital statistics can be taken care of by the funeral director.

    Funeral directors can also provide advice on government allowances such as Canada Pensions Death Benefits.


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